RIYL: Pissed Jeans, No Age, Titus Andronicus, Mister Heavenly

Label: Sub Pop

METZ is back after a 2 year hiatus following their highly acclaimed II (probably one of the best sophomore albums) with Strange Peace. METZ is known for their frantic, alarming sound; assaulting your norms and always close to the edge of combustion. Their single ‘Cellophane’ holds no punches. It combines a more sophisticated sound with the same melodic angst and unsettling chaos. The song really gives you a personal encounter with the intensity that METZ provides in their music, and especially during their live shows, which they are known for. Take a listen below.

Sub Pop has a clear loser edition available tainted with green and red swirls while supplies last. Use the BUY NOW link to get this.

Are you a Canadian? Do you feel left out, aye? Well don’t you fret, because there is a separate special edition for you below. Sorry World, this one is only for the Mounty folks.

The Details

Release Date: September 22, 2017
Catalog No: SP1199

Sub Pop Loser Edition is Clear with Red and Green swirl vinyl, while supplies last (Quantity not provided).

Limited Edition Smokey Splatter Vinyl **This pre-order is only for Canadian residents**

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Price $17

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