RIYL: The Pink Teens, Dead Coast, The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Label: Greenway Records

Greenway Records knows how to do an exciting release and Ripe & Ready EP meets that high standard. The garage rock sound is catchy and the vinyl is a whimsically beautiful including an alternative hand-made cover from Dan Curran. Check out the small write-up from Greenway:

The brand new “Ripe & Ready EP” from Manchester’s Fruit Tones. Out on Greenway Records March 17. The EP will be available on 2 limited edition vinyl versions. [Honey mustard] … yellow vinyl & a crazy Ketchup & Mustard splatter vinyl with an alternate hand-printed cover by NYC artist Dan Curran.

The Details

Fruit Tones - Ripe & Ready EP 7"
Ships on or around March 21st

GWY-022 Mustard Edition
Honey Mustard Yellow Vinyl $8
Limited to 200 Copies
GWY-022 Splatter Edition
Ketchup & Mustard Splatter Vinyl w/ Alt. Spray Painted, Hand-Printed linocut by Cover Artist Dan Curran
Limited to 100 Copies $12

Additional Images

Price $12

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