If you are a Dinosaur Jr. fan, you most likely know the influence of this album on American garage rock.

This album was released in 1987, back when Dinosaur Jr. was still Dinosaur, and can still be heard influencing so much of today’s underground sound. It took the wild noise of Sonic Youth, and molded into there own sound and structure.

Thanks to Newbury Comics’ Brighton Limited Press, we have a limited pressing of 500 transparent green vinyl up for pre-order (available 2/18)!

The Details

By now, you know the story: J Mascis, Lou Barlow, & Patrick "Murph" Murphy, meet in Amherst, MA. J, Lou & Murph start a band. Said band goes on to rip through the musical landscape and prove to be the genesis of the "alternative rock" archetype.

Over the last 25 years, Dinosaur Jr. have influenced a countless number of bands, both peers and protégés, by wailing their classic union of melodic bass, seething drums, virtuosic guitar shredding and listless vocal delivery through the iconic Marshall stacks.

You're Living All Over Me is an indie alt-rock classic from Massachusetts monoliths Dinosaur Jr. Originally released in 1987, and now reissued by Jagjaguwar, this fine and furious album is available for a limited time on transparent green wax, an appropriately envious hue.
*This special offer is valid for domestic and international orders. This exclusive vinyl pre-order is limited to (5) per customer and will be available while supplies last. Newburycomics.com will post information when this item is sold out.

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