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Earlier this year Cage The Elephant brought their Live & Unpeeled tour to a handful of cities, performing in an intimate acoustic setup. Unpeeled features 21 tracks recorded on the tour, all stripped down and re-arranged versions of your favorite CTE songs as well as a few covers. Pressed on orange colored (and apparently scented) wax… what better way to keep your record collection smelling fresh!

The Details

Unpeeled features twenty-one tracks: eighteen curated songs from their past four albums plus three reimagined versions of existing songs.

The new album was recorded over a series of intimate shows in cities including Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Nashville where the band performed in a stripped down arrangement with a string quartet and additional percussion.

Matt on the inspiration behind the album: “Many times you’re adding sonic layers looking for something to hide behind, and what you don’t realize is that that vulnerability and that nakedness might be the most compelling and interesting thing about the song.”

PRE-ORDER - Cage The Elephant Unpeeled Limited Edition Vinyl

Orange Colored With Orange Scent (2 Disc)

Cage The Elephant Unpeeled will be available everywhere July 28th!

Vinyl will ship on or around August 25th

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Cry Baby
2. Whole Wide World
3. Sweetie Little Jean
4. Spiderhead
5. Take It Or Leave It

Side B:
6. Too Late To Say Goodbye
7. Punchin’ Bag
8. Shake Me Down
9. Telescope
10. Instant Crush

Side C:
11. Trouble
12. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked
13. Rubber Ball
14. Aberdeen
15. Golden Brown
16. Cold Cold Cold

Side D:
17. How Are You True
18. Come A Little Closer
19. Back Against The Wall
20. Cigarette Daydreams
21. Right Before My Eyes

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