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Angelic Milk are back!

I don’t write in the cassette section of this site very often, but last year I did write an article about an excellent grunge pop tape from a Russian teen under the name Angelic Milk.
At the time I discovered them their one and only vinyl release, a single, had been long sold out.

This time around Angelic Milk is a full-on band. It’s a bit more polished than their earlier work, but the rock continues to shine.

The Details


PNKSLM Recordings are incredibly excited to finally present "Teenage Movie Soundtrack" - the new 4-track EP from Russia's angelic milk.

We first introduced the world to the teenage singer songwriter last year, with her worldwide-acclaimed single, "IDK How", a grunge pop song that took the internet by storm.

"Teenage Movie Soundtrack" sees angelic milk develop from a solo-project to a full live band, and is also the first studio material so far, recorded in Stockholm's Apmamman Studios last year.

The EP is limited to 250 copies, and pressed onto 10" transparent deep purple vinyl, released July 15th. We expect this one to sell out pretty fast.

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