RIYL: Nickel Creek, The Haden Triplets, The Secret Sisters

Label: Soul Step Records

Since 2010, Cincinnati 6-piece Young Heirlooms have crafted rich, soul-stirring harmonies, a beautiful compound of¬†soul, alt country and chamber folk music. ¬†The pedal steel, in my humble Texan opinion, is the most beautiful instrument in the world, but even that heavenly sound is outmatched by Young Heirlooms’ three-part harmonies led by Kelly Fine, Laura Bock and Christopher Robinson. ¬†It’s a decadent feast for your eardrums, so be sure to listen to both tracks after the ‘buy’ link. ¬†The b-side is a unique take on Neil Young’s Ohio, probably the best cover version of that song I’ve heard.

The blue vinyl, limited to only 100 copies, sold out quick. ¬†Now’s your chance to grab the black vinyl, limited to 200. ¬†At a mere $6, you ain’t got much to lose.

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"Bury Me (With My Hammer) / Ohio"
Black Vinyl available now!

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Price $6

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