RIYL: Nickel Creek, The Haden Triplets, The Secret Sisters

Label: Soul Step Records

Since 2010, Cincinnati 6-piece Young Heirlooms have crafted rich, soul-stirring harmonies, a beautiful compound of soul, alt country and chamber folk music.  The pedal steel, in my humble Texan opinion, is the most beautiful instrument in the world, but even that heavenly sound is outmatched by Young Heirlooms’ three-part harmonies led by Kelly Fine, Laura Bock and Christopher Robinson.  It’s a decadent feast for your eardrums, so be sure to listen to both tracks after the ‘buy’ link.  The b-side is a unique take on Neil Young’s Ohio, probably the best cover version of that song I’ve heard.

The blue vinyl, limited to only 100 copies, sold out quick.  Now’s your chance to grab the black vinyl, limited to 200.  At a mere $6, you ain’t got much to lose.

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"Bury Me (With My Hammer) / Ohio"
Black Vinyl available now!

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Price $6

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