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Label: Roll Call Records

About a year ago, Typhoon released “Sympathetic Magic” recorded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, which generally went under the radio for the average listener, but this album was amazing with one critic saying “It’s a beautiful and brooding album for our times, filled with intense themes, conflicting feelings, incredible highs and crushing lows.” One moment you are pitched into a darkly comical lyrical song, then as you finish it, you realize it’s double meaning with cold and sad hilarity of the mundane. It’s a huge leap forward for the band, and one that deserves a listen to.

You can find it on bandcamp on Maroon Smoke vinyl (Opaque Maroon & Opaque Baby Pink vinyl).

Here is what OPB’s Jared Walker with a nice little write up:

Kyle Morton’s rock band Typhoon is famously large.

With roughly eight permanent members and a live lineup that’s been known to swell to well over a dozen, performing or simply even practicing has been nearly impossible during the pandemic.

“If we got all of Typhoon together, I think it would qualify as a super spreader event,” Morton quipped during this interview with OPB.

While it’s darkly funny, that joke is laced with a healthy dose of apprehension from the Portland-based songwriter.

As lockdowns were instituted last year, Morton began writing what would become the band’s fifth album, “Sympathetic Magic.” The subject matter came quickly, resulting in surprisingly topical lyrics that explore current events and familiar themes from recent months. But when it came to recording, the band faced challenges that forced them to embrace a more stripped down version of their trademark orchestral sound.

“Sympathetic Magic” doesn’t suffer from that pullback. If anything, it accentuates the record’s big swoons of emotion. It’s a beautiful and brooding album for our times, filled with intense themes, conflicting feelings, incredible highs and crushing lows. Protests, alienation, isolation, grievance politics, drifting friendships, conspiracy theorists, and even the apocalypse make appearances during the twelve songs. But through it all, Morton clings to one thing we all desperately need right now: hope.

The Typhoon bandleader joined OPB to chat about that new album, how nearly a dozen people succeeded in recording songs while still adhering to social distancing guidelines and the Amtrak train ride that inspired the album’s lead single.

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- Maroon Smoke LP, feat. Opaque Maroon & Opaque Baby Pink vinyl (pressing ltd. to 800)
- 2nd pressing
- Printed lyric sleeve
- Digital download

$7 shipping.

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