I mean who doesn’t love the Tweeds. Wilco has been one of most consistently loved bands of my lifetime. They have somehow adopted fans from the deadhead crowd, but I’m cool with it. TWEEDS4LIFE

I couldn’t yet find an album stream of this track. But there was a really cool soundboard live recording that dropped today. The track sounds very trippy. So all those deadheads will be happy I guess. I’m not sure if this recording is part 1 & part 2 or not. Anyone?

The Details

The first release from Tweedy on dBpm Records. Side A boasts “Diamond Light Pt. 1”, a track from the upcoming album, Sukierae coupled with the b-side (and exclusive to this 10”) “Diamond Light Pt. II”. This 45 rpm, virgin vinyl has a locked groove on both sides (a rarity for a 10”)

Clear / Smoke in color. Limited edition pressing of 2,000

Thanks to Warren for the tip!

Price $15

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