RIYL: The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson, Steelism, Quiet Life

Label: New West Records

They ain’t just a band, y’all. They’re Texas gentlemen. They’re cookin up some country-fried soul for the sinners and the saints alike. No matter which way you pray, you’ll still be sweatin’ in those pews just the same on a sizzlin’ Texas Sunday in August. Ya see, the Texas Gentlemen are for everybody, so bend those ears for their highly-anticipated sophomore release Floor It!

Perhaps one of the most slept-on debuts in recent memory, The Texas Gentlemen’s 2017 rekkid TX Jelly swings with the eclectic sounds of Austin on any given Thursday night downtown. The gents keep it country with the heavenly sounds of the pedal steel and throw in some classic pop structure by mixin’ up the Paul & Ringo side of The Beatles. Then they stir in heaping supplies of funk, soul and gospel just for kicks…the perfect marriage of genres to kick you square in your feel-good parts. Fans of Brendan Benson and The Raconteurs will absolutely love this stuff. Guarantee it.

New West Records has 350 copies of the album on orange, green and magenta tri-color vinyl. And GET THIS…The gatefold opens up into a full game board with 8 tokens. No excuses, yall. Getchu one after the ‘buy’ link and check out their first single below.

The Details

This title is a pre-order. Purchased items will ship on or before 7/17/20.
140g orange, green, & magenta striped vinyl 12", 2-LP.
Gatefold opens to full game board, contains 8 game tokens.
Includes digital download code.

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Price $29

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