RIYL: Townes Van Zandt, Dwight Yoakam, Lydia Loveless

Label: Fonoflo

I’ve never hidden the fact that I am attracted to the uniqueness of a record’s physical form as much as I am by the music. My collection contains records that have earned themselves a prized spot on my shelf solely because of their color, shape or packaging. Others take pride-of-place because of the music. Reata, the second full-length from Tennessee Jet, might be earning it’s spot for both reasons. The creative folks at Fonoflo are going all out for this release in conjunction with the vinyl wizards at Gotta Groove Records. Part of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the record, supporters can choose between colored vinyl, splatter vinyl, special Christmas hand pours by Wax Mages, and even one filled with 5 karats of diamonds running at $8,000 for this one-off pressing. Before you hit the “Too Expensive” button, keep in mind you might want to choose the Fonoflill option where they will place anything you send them (within reason, size and standards) in the vinyl.  As for the music, Tennessee Jet released his impressive debut not that long ago and it sounds like he is taking his one-man band down similar bumpy roads of life on Reata.  Hold on to your credit cards as you peruse the list of vinyl variations for this one. Note that this Kickstarter campaign ends on August 23rd  and must be fully funded before any of these records are pressed.

Band website: https://www.tennesseejet.com/
Label website: fonoflo.com

Pressing edition numbers and prices:

100 Transparent Amber Colored – $22
75 Blue on Blue Splatter – $32
25 Christmas themed hand-pours made by Wax Mages Records – $100
Up to 50 Personalized or Band-Curated FonoFills for the duration of the Kickstarter – $99
1 Diamond-Filled FonoFill with 5 karats of bright white diamonds – $8,000
1 “Girl in Blue” FonoFill with Swarovski crystals – $TBD
1 “This Waylon Thing” FonoFill with real leather – $TBD

The Details

“Reata” is the second full length album by the one-man honkytonk band, Tennessee Jet. This record is special because we’re offering for the first time ever to let fans send in their personal photographs and mementos to be permanently sealed in the vinyl, what we call a FonoFill. But if they prefer to let us do the designing or would like some of the regular colored vinyl we’re known for, our Kickstarter campaign ending on August 23rd has something for just about every budget and interest level. We’re also excited to announce the first ever Diamond-Filled record along with some other designer records using things like leather or Swarovski crystals.

Master lacquers will be cut at Grammy award-winning studio Welcome to 1979 and the vinyl will be pressed at Gotta Groove Records. If all goes according to plan, we should have these records in the homes of fans by Christmastime.

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Thanks to Nicholas Gagnon for the tip!

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