RIYL: Lyle Lovett, Ray Price, Willie Nelson

Label: Soul Step Records

I’m a Texas native, so a pedal steel sounds like home. And ‘home’ is a dusty dive bar with a jukebox that hasn’t been changed since 1983. The dance floor is scuffed and bruised from its decades of service and there’s never a cover charge. The beer selection consists of Lone Stars, Pearls, PBRs, Coors Yellow Bellies and Bud Heavies. Anything else you can snag from the gas station across the street. Sterling Drake exists within that little home I know. He listens to Bob Wills, Willie and Lyle and his game is Western Swing. It’s a tricky genre within country music to play well, but when it’s good, you know it.

Sterling Drake has 7 new tracks for you to bend an ear on. If you dig Western Swing, it’s a no-brainer. If you don’t tread in these waters often, give it a whirl! It’s hard not to be in a great mood after this kinda stuff hits you. Soul Step Records only has a handful of the orange vinyl left, so if you’re diggin’ it…now’s yer chance. Take a listen to the whole album below and grab a slab after the ‘buy’ link.


The Details

We are back with yet another killer artist to introduce to the world! We are leaning into another FOOTPRINT SERIES release with none other than Sterling Drake and his debut LP, “Roll The Dice.”
SSR-085 - Orange Vinyl limited to 100 copies

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Price $21

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