RIYL: Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker

Label: Third Man Records

Well would ya look at that! ¬†Limited Third Man product that can be yours without having to 1) Drive to Nashville, 2) Buy on eBay, 3) Wait for 3 days within the confines of Detroit’s Clark Park in hopes that a bevy of balloons will fly overhead and explode with the shredded remains of a set of coordinates to an¬†offshore drilling station owned by a disgruntled sea captain who will then trade you a limited flexi for one bucket of crude oil sludge. ¬†You want exclusive vinyl, mother truckers? ¬†Well then, now’s the time.

Margo Price, similar to country outlaw darling Sturgill Simpson, is part of a much-needed movement to bring the country back to country. ¬†With tracks like Hurtin’ (On the Bottle) and Desperate and Depressed, Margo Price is the amalgamation of a heartbroken Loretta Lynn and a whiskey-bent, bloody-knuckled¬†Tanya Tucker. ¬†Gospel harmonies shake hands with a street fighting attitude on Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, a very promising debut for Price and a perfect addition to the Americana cool of Third Man Records.

This one’s coming from Rough Trade, so the Yanks are¬†going to see a heftier price tag. ¬†Keep in mind, though, that your price tag will drop¬†during the checkout process for tax reasons. ¬†Out the door, you’re looking at around $40 shipped. ¬†That ain’t bad if you’re a TMR nut, and sure beats diving for crude oil.

The Details

LP+ Limited Coloured Vinyl Version with Download.
Rough Trade is the only place outside of Third Man shop to have this.
Single pocket, direct-to-board, plantable lyric sheet insert with wildflower seeds.

Price $29

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