RIYL: Loretta, Tammy and Patsy

Label: Third Man Records

Margo Price’s career has exploded so quickly, it’s hard to believe her debut album came out just last year.  Within mere months, she went from dive bar queen to the new face of country music, proof that the collective opinions of the modern country scene were thirsty for a change.  Margo and her crew have been on a whirlwind tour as a result and, lucky for us, had a few extra hours to cut some new studio tracks.  Voila…a sophomore album was born.  Titled All American Made, expect some soul-stirring truth and uncompromising wisdom backed by a pedal steel, some guitar strings soaked in PBR and Margo’s ‘baptized in fire’ lyrical prose.

We’ll try and keep you posted when other online distros get a hold of some copies.  In the meantime, Bullmoose has a few you can grab after the ‘buy’ link.  Do your worst.

The Details

All American Made is Margo at her very best, building off the underdog success of her breakout debut album. The record is deeply reverent of its traditions sonically even while it challenges conventions lyrically. It's a careful reflection on conflicted emotions for our deeply conflicted times.

The Indie Exclusive version is limited to 750 copies on Sky blue-colored vinyl with alternate LP jacket and insert screen-printed by hand.

Thanks to Stiben Yung for the tip!

Price $28.97

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