I had been searching for a vinyl copy of this album for years and finally managed to pick up a test pressing on eBay for $80 a few months ago.  I tell you that to soften the blow of the seemingly high price of this bundle of vinyl, but it’s totally worth it if you’re a Limbeck fan.  This album has been out of print for quite some time and standard black copies have been going for around $75 on the used market.

Well it appears Doghouse Records is ready to make Limbeck fans happy by finally re-releasing this alt-country/indie rock gem. There are a number of different packages available in different configurations of limited vinyl, but this is by far the most appealing to collectors and fans because it not only includes a blue variant of the original release, but comes with cream colored live record and a black test pressing of each.

That’s 4 LPs for $50.

The information on the website is a bit confusing but as I read it there are only 1000 copies of the double album being pressed, with a breakdown of 400 black, 300 purple, and 300 blue/cream.  Of the 300 blue/cream variant, 100 are in bundles with the test pressings. Hopefully that clears up the confusion!

This is a must have if you’re into Limbeck!

The Details

LIMBECK "Hi, Everything's Great/Hi, Everything's Fine" Double LP-Package 1

The first reissue of LIMBECK's debut album "Hi, Everything's Great" on vinyl. Includes the full original album on disc 1 and disc 2 is the live version called "Hi, Everything's Fine" that the band recorded with their friends and released as a companion piece to the album. This initial pressing is limited to 1000 copies of the double LP on 2 limited colors as well as a pressing of black vinyl.

***Please note that expected ship date is late Sept early Oct. Because of the nature of pressing vinyl and a special package such as this the date may be slightly earlier or later.

Pressing Information
100 units of this vinyl along with a test pressing of each LP, so you get 4 pieces of vinyl total. The colors are the same as in Package 2. The test pressings are on black vinyl with white labels are are limited to 100 copies.

Price $50

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