Kenny Tudrick is an excellent alt-country guitarist who plays on studio albums for a big rock star that you’ve heard of.

Ok, this one comes in three different versions. The one pictured is the real sharp looking Firefly Splatter variant and it’s limited to 30 copies and costs $15. There is another variant also limited to 30 and costs $15 and it’s on “Pasture Green”.

If that’s more than you are willing to spend on 2 songs then definitely jump on the “Bumblebee Whisp” version that is limited to 300 copies and will only cost you $6. That version has different cover art as well for you completists.

These songs were originally released as a tour only cassingle(!). This is the first time that they have been made available on vinyl.

Both of the variants are limited to 2 per customer.

These go on sale today, January 24, at 3:30 PM EST/12:30 PM PST.

The Details

Releasing his critically acclaimed self-titled solo album in 2012, Kenny Tudrick is no stranger to the Detroit music scene. Cutting his musical teeth with The GO, the Detroit Cobras and Rocket 455, Kenny now comes into his own unleashing his singular brand of alt-country-esque jams on his newest 7”.

“Church Hill Downs” comes complete with Notorious Byrd Brothers chiming twangs of guitars, a thumping melodic bass line, and features the backup vocals of Drea Duchene (who also plays bass on both songs), along with the drumming of Jim Faulkner. The B-side, “Fairgrounds,” is equally as great and wouldn't feel out of place blasting out of a transistor radio down by the lake at your summertime getaway (assuming you have one, of course).

Tudrick is truly one of our favorites, and Jett Plastic Recordings is extremely proud to present you with this breathtaking single.

Price $15

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