Man this album sounds heavy. Dad in jail and engagement collapse, damn. McCauley has always been able to vocalize emotions in a way that few other artists can. I can’t even image what a whole album of these feelings will do to me and I can’t wait. The first single kicks a ton of ass, so for all who were unsure, you are no longer.

Damn I’m excited about this one.

The Details


***Only 500 copies of Limited Edition Sky Blue vinyl available.
Negativity was penned over the course of a genuinely eventful 2012, an annus horribilus in which McCauley’s father pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy and tax fraud, ultimately leading to a prison sentence. As if that weren’t enough, McCauley’s wedding engagement collapsed under the weight of his own excessive behavior and impossible lifestyle. Like any true artist, McCauley channeled his anger, sadness, and regret into his work, resulting in what can be safely declared his finest collection of songs to date, impassioned and interior and increasingly mature, both as expression of emotion as well as pure unadulterated songcraft.

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Price $25

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