RIYL: Gram Parsons, Tom Petty, King Tuff, The Replacements

Label: Third Man Records

Detroit scourge and general rabble-rouser Craig Brown, the newest addition to Third Man Records’ growing fringe country roster, has gone rogue and assembled himself a group of like-minded minstrels to slap together a debut album.  First single Overthinking embraces the grey zone between country and rock before there was a rulebook.  This is the sound of Gram and Keith lost in Nellcôte with a bag of hash and a piano.  There’s a ramshackle finesse here as pure as The Byrds in the late 60s and as soused as The Replacements in a midwest dive somewhere in the mid 80s.  There’s also a free-spirited punk ethos in the vein of King Tuff.  Whichever, whoever, wherever…it’s a joyful listen.

Third Man Records rarely puts limited product online, so gawk at the price all you want, my babies…it’ll sell out soon.  Check out the video for Overthinking and catch a b-side on Spotify below.  Then, stroll through that ‘buy’ link and grab a slab of seafoam wax before they’re cleaned out.

The Details

Detroit’s most beloved bartender, cook, and ping pong champion has gone solo.
Well, solo in the sense that he’s put a recracker musical act together and called it The Craig Brown Band.

Price $40

Listen on Spotify

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