As you stare longingly into the empty neighborhood pool and start packing up all of your muscle tees as summer putters its last breaths, remember this…the music is still alive.  So, keep a look out down the road for a tour bus carrying Mr. Cass and those groovy cowpunks called the Meat Puppets.  They also made a split 7” to warm your hearts and loins, so think long and hard before you spend your hard-earned coin on that new turtleneck at Macy’s.  Spare a tenner for the rock and roll, especially when it contains a Meat Puppets cover of (Hey Baby) Que Paso.

“Que Paso”, you ask?  Muy bien, good sirs.  Muy f-ing bien.

The Details

Two generations of maverick artists join together in cahoots for a full US tour this autumn and we’re going to commemorate it with a special limited edition single with two new tracks from Cass McCombs and two new covers from the Meat Puppets plus some tripped-out artwork from Cris Kirkwood and Albert Herter.

Tune in, turn on, wig out.

Price $7.98

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