Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy, might as well be the face of indie folk or if you’d like to be bold, modern folk in general. “New Black Rich [Tusks]” is the second single from “Singer’s Grave A Sea Of Tongues,” which, by the way, also got a limited vinyl release (that I happened to write up) so I hope you got to that in time. “New Black Rich [Tusks]” is a slow burner, with bluegrass tendencies. The fiddle wails really succeed in accentuating the “high points” of his verses (and it, obviously, does wonders for the mood) and the mandolin helps to cool off the intensity. The music video that accompanies this is quite fitting – it’s dark, understated and slightly off-kilter (and most importantly, it features Will Oldham with a beard befitting Rip Van Winkle) so feel free to check that out below. See what you think of “New Black Rich[Tusks].” Cheers!


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The Details

The newest single from Singer's Grave A Sea of Tongues is molten, set to burn like a classic torch song should-- in your ears and forever! On 'New Black Rich (Tusks)', Bonnie 'Prince' Billy collaborated with longtime songwriting partner Bryan Rich to create the ardent ballad. The mood of 'New Black Rich (Tusks)' is circumspect at best compared to first single 'Quail and Dumplings'. Where 'Quail' anticipated a bright future, which salved for the hardness of the present times, the 'New Black Rich' solution for present-day ennui is stated in its first line: 'I'll say goodbye before we meet'. 'New Black Rich (Tusks)' is brooding, with the fiddle of Billy Contreras, Chris Scruggs' mandolin and Emmett Kelly's guitar adding depth and shadows. The B- side, 'Black as Grace', is exclusive to this 7 inch single and not found on Singer's Grave! While 'New Black Rich (Tusks)' holds itself up with a sense of formal structure, 'Black As Grace,' appears as if it's unravelling, with Bryan Rich's vocals dividing the sounds.

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