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Label: Self-Released

As a native of Oregon, it’s only befitting of me to let you know that Blitzen Trapper was coming out with a new album, Wild & Reckless, which stems from a staged musical with the same title, that ran for 28 performances at Portland Center Stage. The project consisted of the band themselves as well as 2 stage actors tracing “the unforgettable tale of two kids on the run, in a futuristic vision of Portland’s past.” I don’t really know what that entails, but the music is good and even though its claimed to be “darker”, I still find the same old Blitzen Trapper sound that I love. The 7 songs were turned into 12, and thus the album was born. Here is what someone had to say:

The album Wild & Reckless was born from the stage production that the band spent the better part of a year producing. The half musical, half rock-opera dealt with heroin abuse, desperation, true love and western power structures. The story evoked a bygone era of Portland with this sci-fi love story, featuring a rock-and-roll score that paired unreleased songs with favorites from the band’s catalog.

Following the success of the production, the band took 7 original songs from the production and developed the theme further into the 12 songs that comprise the new album Wild & Reckless.

Frontman Eric Earley also sees Wild & Reckless as a companion and extention of their 2008 album Furr. “Wild and Reckless is something like a cross-eyed stepchild to Furr, in that it chronicles the darker dystopian stories of rural and suburban west coast death-drive via a riffing psychedelic landscape. Ten years after Furr with all its talk of murder and the end of the western world, it seems there’s more to tell.”

The first 250 get the pink vinyl, but if you miss it, you can still get a signed copy for $5 more. If you can get it pink and signed, then hot dog, you got yerself a gem!

If you are in the UK, they have a heavyweight vinyl here, for £15.00.

Below is also a blip from the actual performance.

The Details

The first 250 pre-orders get limited pink vinyl! You can also choose to get it autographed by the band (5 bucks more). The vinyl also includes a free download if you're into that.

Release date: November 3, 2017 - album ships late October

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Price $20

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