RIYL: Beach Fossils, Blink 182

Label: Warped Your Records

Spring Break weekend, here we go! You’re probably headed to Cancún, Mexico ready to scarf down some shrimp tacos with Tequila, lime and Coke to wash it all down. That is, unless you’re a complete freaking loser like me and see zero reason to do anything else but hawk the internet and hawk the internet even some more. Ok ok life isn’t so bad, things are actually looking up!

I’m in on a Friday night listening to High Sunn‘s latest album, “Wishes.” It’s alot different than the other album I last posted about in the records section. But yeah, it’s definitely carrying me into the Spring really well. “Wishes” is upbeat, hopeful, poppy and angsty. I can dig it, I’m not taking life so damn seriously when listening to these jams. Get your Wishes on below and catch a show or two if you’re in the San Francisco area anytime soon. Shows also listed below.

The Details


a short collection of songs that spews out my thoughts on love and hate...

photo: morva

all lyrics: High Sunn
vox, guitars, and synth: Justin Cheromiah
drums: Tristin Sovannarath
released February 28, 2016

tapes made by warped your records(Colin Bauer)
much love :)

pink cassette with 3 panels and wonderful artwork
sold at shows as well...so good chance they will be gone soon

cd: spiritgothrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wishes

cassette: warpedyourrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wishes


Apr 01
Revolution Cafe
San Francisco, CA

Apr 08
Octopus Literary Salon
Oakland, CA

Apr 12
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

May 06
The Honey Hive Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Jun 27
The Honey Hive Gallery
San Francisco, CA

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