So somewhere in between the nth variant release of King Gizz’s “Paper Mache Dream Balloon” ATO Records decided it was fitting for us cheap tape heads to also be able to obtain the album.
Word on the street is for this album electric guitars were kicked to the curb in favor of acoustic. It’s actually pulled off quite gorgeously. I like to think this is probably how a psych pop album in the late 60s early 70s would sound like with modern fattening technology. It remains a very warm album, with out the high hissing trebles of the ’60s. I think it’s safe to call this a very successful acid folk album to have been birthed in 2015.
Paper Mache Dream Balloon has a lot of movement as far as an albums construction goes, starting off super mellow, then picking up pace in the center while fading back out into the soft and pleasant moods of their marshy tracks. I can’t help but wonder if this was an album they were excited about or its just something that just came out and happened to be recorded. I don’t say that in negative light either, I’m more referring to the fact that this album has a carefree, nonchalant vibe to it. I’m partial to anything King Gizz makes just because I like to view what they make as phases of sounds vs evolution of sound. What stands out to me with this album, is the overall playfulness and cheerful quality it possesses. Good stuff all around.

Listen to the album in it’s entirety below.

The Details

Limited Edition “Paper Mâché Dream Balloon” on see through green cassette. Only 500 for sale.

Price $8.99

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