RIYL: Mac DeMarco, lazy sunshine lo-fi pop-gems

Label: Beech Coma

Stick ur teeth into this juicy fruit!

Magic Potion dropped the mindmelting great Cassette/digital “Melt” EP via Beech Coma last year, and I’ve eagerly been awaiting more sweets from Swedens new favourite indie-pop/psych-slackers! This bunch has come up with a formula of blending some luscious lo-fi gems with a soulful juice that gets spicier every time you open their pack’o aural delights.

Their slightly askew guitars, laid-back drumming and melodic basslines fronted by all-in “lazy-with-an-attitude” vocals, results in an expression that is simply 100% convincing although it sounds like they’re hardly trying anything but having fun playing around in the studio. Utterly charming is an understatement here!  Full Throttle Brain Juice Pop Music was mentioned somewhere, and it’s a term that adds color to their total package of quirky weirdness. We’re definitely in for a treat with their upcoming debut-album “Pink Gum”, to be released on tape on May the 27th via Beech Coma.


Combining forces with the always great PNKSLM Recordings for the Vinyl release, you’ve got a couple of limited options HERE!

The Details

Keep it sticky with a slime green cassette with fold-out Pink Gum artwork and super special custom Magic Potion spearmint gum.
Includes digital pre-order of Pink Gum. The moment the album is released you'll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
shipping out on or around 27 May 2016
edition of 200

Beech Coma presents hands-down one of the best records you will hear this year. 10 cuts of internationally acclaimed "slacker pop" from one of Sweden's finest bands, Magic Potion.

2.Cola Boyys
3.Deep Web
4.Yummi 1
5.Golden Power
8.Cheddar Lane
10.Peace Pipe

Price $11.5

Pink Gum


Posted by PNKSLM Recordings on Monday, March 7, 2016
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