RIYL: Eskimeaux, Mitski, DIANA

Label: Hapa Records

Psychopomp is a 25 minute album with equal parts college rock, saccharine twee and gothic-bent rock mixed in. Psychopomp‘s been cropping up on many a year-end list (which people are already making for some reason…), and now’s your time to get with the hip young crowd because Zauner’s camp still has cassettes left for you to buy. I’m a little surprised my colleagues, Sindre Ernst or Joshua Saposnekoo, didn’t get to this before me… I admit this is definitely more in their wheelhouse than mine. You’ve got access to many glowing reviews if you don’t have twenty-five minutes to spare, from the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and NPR, if you can’t make up your mind about such a hefty commitment. I mean, $7, 25 minutes, a bunch of good reviews, year-end list placements – you could definitely give this a blind buy or at least confidently buy this as a present for someone. Listen to Psychopomp below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released April 1, 2016

"at once cosmically huge and acutely personal, Zauner captures grief for the perversely intimate yet overwhelming pain it is. Long may she keep at this music thing." -Pitchfork

"a stunning debut" -Rolling Stone

"overwhelmingly colorful and joyous; while her words betray grief and frustration, she turns the pain into power." -NPR

"Psychopomp is exemplary, finding joy in sadness and despair in the brightest of lights...It’s an immaculately crafted debut, and you should listen" -Stereogum

*Pressing Info*
1st Pressing:
100 Translucent Purple (SOLD OUT)
400 Clear (SOLD OUT)

2nd Pressing:
100 Custom Translucent Aqua (SOLD OUT)
400 Black (SOLD OUT)

3rd Pressing:
250 Hazy Clear Pink
350 Light Blue Marble
400 Clear Green (SOLD OUT)


Dedicated to my Mother

All songs written by Michelle Zauner
(with the exception of Everybody Wants to Love You, written by Birthday Girls)
Produced by Ned Eisenberg and Michelle Zauner
Engineered by Colin Redmond at CR Ensemble in Eugene, OR
Mixed by Ned Eisenberg in Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Alex Santilli at Spice House Sound in Philadelphia, PA
Art Design by Ben Pubusky

Guitar, Vocals - Michelle Zauner
Bass - Peter Bradley
Guitar - Nick Hawley-Gamer
Percussion, Clarinet - Colin Redmond
Keys - Ned Eisenberg
Strings - Adam Ponto
Backup Vocals on Everybody Wants to Love You! - Sam Cook-Parrott

Thanks: Peter Bradley, Ned Eisenberg, Colin Redmond, Nick Hawley-Gamer, Ben Pubusky, Adam Ponto, Sam Parrott-Cook, Andrew Lorish, Leo London, Christian Holden, Babak Ganjei, Dan Abh, Seagreen Records, DBTS, Birthday Girls

Price $7

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