RIYL: Lo-fi

Label: Magical Garage Taste

I think I’ve officially dried up the cassette well with Magical Garage Taste for now with this write-up. Each one of their releases is truly unique and frankly out of all that I’ve written, this is definitely the outlier in terms of superficial aesthetics. Envigado mainly consists of acoustic guitar filtered through low fidelity fuzz and swathed in smoke – the production blends the likes of Mac Demarco and Dave Newfeld (in fact some of these tracks feel like they’d be spiritual successors to Broken Social Scene, or The Most Serene Republic, tracks). Colombian artist Martin Eden, as Golden Hare, presents an extremely dense album (named after the city it was recorded in), especially on the production side of things, but concerning length (save for the closing track) he barely goes beyond two minutes, if that. If you’re not in to long songs, this album’s especially for you. Listen to Envigado below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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