RIYL: Black Moth Super Rainbow, TOBACCO, giallo

Label: Cult Trip Records

Can we say [adult swim] helped cultivate an aesthetic? A genre? Am I just being a cornball? Citadel Supreme will remind you of that destitute instrumental hip-hop/electronica that will play during [adult swim] bumps – you might get a filthier Samiyam impression, or an even grimier version of Black Moth Super Rainbow/TOBACCO. Citadel Supreme consists of twelve sludgy tracks hardly going over the three minute mark, much less the two minute mark – for some reason, the intro and closing tracks are unavailable to listen to at the moment. Citadel Supreme digs its claws in to the giallo realm, with ooze pouring out of every visible crevice. The cover is a smörgåsbord of colors arranged in to neatly tucked geometric patterns/shapes, but the contents are anything but neat. gut nose is spilling all the contents of what’s brewing in his vile vat, and he’s not planning on cleaning it up. Listen to an almost full stream of Citadel Supreme below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Some of the sounds and ideas that embody 'Citadel Supreme' have been in the stash for quite some time. The bedrock for 'Location Disabled' was done in 2007, and the funky interlude that warns "you better think it over" goes back even futher, I actually remeber it being one of the first sounds I ever looped up in my 950 when I got it in 04.

Some of these cuts were lined up for 'Filthy City' but due to the vinyl run-time lenght - sound quality correlation, it was best to leave em off. So when Cult Trip asked if I've got tracks, I sent those muthafuckas.

Truth is that this project is a culmination of many different times, locations, energy's and moods, I'm truely grateful to present this work to you.

- gut

Special Thanks to Mr. Spurlock, Cryptic Carousel, the Mastering Dude, and Cult Trip Records

Price $7

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