RIYL: Lisa Prank, Chastity Belt, Tacocat, Childbirth

Label: Father/Daughter Records

Who is Who Is She?, you ask? A topically named Seattle supergroup consisting of Julia Shapiro and Bree McKenna—their second time teaming up (see Childbirth)—plus Robin Edwards a.k.a. Lisa Prank as frontwoman, combining their no-frills indie-pop forces. The playful songwriting fits comfortably alongside the members’ other projects, but with even more niche subject matter; stuffed with city-specific references and inside jokes, Seattle Gossip offers insight into living and growing up in the Emerald City—often even more specifically, as ’90s–early ’00s girls. On the surface, the lead single, “Top 8” is a goofy reflection on teenage anxiety in the Myspace era, but it also serves as a reminder of a time when that was the worst of ones worries, a time before we were all jaded with social media, a time when Courtney Cox and David Arquette seemed inseparable. Featuring an upbeat cover of Elliot Smith’s “Whatever (Folk Song in C)” and capped off by fuzzed out, grungy “Angry Bitches,” Seattle Gossip ultimately reads as a short, punchy, and very sincere love letter to the Pacific Northwestern scene and the band’s home city.

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Limited to 300 tapes on a Royal Blue shell

Who Is She? is members of Tacocat, Chastity Belt, and Lisa Prank. Started as a friendship project writing songs based on the missed connection ads from Seattle newspaper the Stranger when Robin Edwards (Lisa Prank) and Bree McKenna (Tacocat) were living in bedrooms next door to each other at legendary Seattle punk house Spruce House, the two Seattle music celebs then enlisted another gal with a lot of free time on her hands, Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, to play the drums. The songs then expanded from lonely ditties about admiring (but not talking to) strangers on the bus to other hard-hitting topics like the magical chemistry between Courteney Cox and David Arquette in the Scream franchise, 90s internet time traveler John Titor, fictional My So-Called Life dreamboat dud Jordan Catalano, and the brutal ranking system of friendship on Myspace. Inspired by Canadian cuddlecore sensation Cub and the silly inside joke holes you go down when you’re constantly hanging out with your pals, Who is She?’s Seattle Gossip is a star-studded, all-killer no filler addition to the booming Seattle music scene canon.

1. Nervous Dufflebag Boy
2. Top 8
3. Seattle Freeze
4. Worst Girl at the 5 Point
5. I'm Getting Courtney Cox and David Arquette Back Together If It's the Last Thing I Do
6. John Titor
7. Romcom
8. Blushin' On The 44
9. Whatever
10. Jordan Catalano
11. Angry Bitches

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