RIYL: Bully, Cayetana, Weakened Friends

Label: Disposable America

Start off the new year by dumping all those mid-2000s swoopy-haired boys and cozying up with your newest pop punk favs, DUMP HIM. The Northampton queercore band led by songwriter and guitarist Jac Walsh, joined on the recordings by two champions of the Boston DIY scene, Larz Brogan (Dæphne) on drums and Zoë Wyner (halfsour) on bass, released their mini album Venus In Gemini last spring. Each track is a tightly executed burst of powerpop at its purest, a deceivingly upbeat foundation for facing emotional and societal adversity, but appropriate as Walsh confronts each with a crisp confidence in their voice. It’s the ability to dig beneath a superficial side of sorrow and analyze deeply personal, interpersonal, and community-wide issues—even criticizing said community when necessary—that sets DUMP HIM apart from the more typical brand of youthful angst in music.

The first batch of tapes went quickly, so expect the upcoming second pressing from Disposable America to do the same.

Catch DUMP HIM live in Philly on Jan. 5 or Boston Jan. 6!

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This is a pre-order for the second pressing of 100 ivory cassettes through Disposable America.

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