RIYL: black metal, doom metal

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

As far as my extremely imperfect eyes go, I’ve pulled the very last fruit of the rotting, yet fecund, Fort Evil Fruit tree. Long Streak of Misery is the perfect note to go out on, as it exemplifies what this label stands for – grimy, filthy albums adorned with covers that are often as heinous as the music itself (sometimes, Fort Evil Fruit isn’t all bad). And did I write “pulled” in the introduction? I mean, the fruit kind of fell off on to the trampled-upon ground surrounding its trunk. There was so much dust on the fruit that you could trace its trajectory from when it left its proverbial nest, with a dying sun as its background. Considering the album’s name, this is a win-win situation. If you’re a fan, you’ll be miserable if they don’t release anything for a while and if they do, you’ll still get to be miserable. Long Streak of Misery is funeral doom metal – I don’t think you need anymore of a description. Listen to Long Streak of Misery below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released June 12, 2014

All tracks performed by Ray Keenaghan, Andy Cunningham and Cathal Rodgers 2005 - 2008

"I marshalled the words and opened my mouth, thinking I would hear them.
But all I heard was a kind of rattle, unintelligible even to me who knew what was intended". - Samuel Beckett.
tags: mental funeral doom metal rock blackened doom depressive doom metal drone metal funeral noise noise metal Ireland

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