RIYL: Plains Druid, Lost Trail, Leaaves, Linden Pomeroy

Label: Third Kind Records

Outdoor Games doesn’t attempt to hide what it is on its surreal cassette cover. It’s best to just classify this gestalt as “experimental” as vague as that is, with its bent being kooky. Plains Druid’s pair of tracks… to succinctly describe them, they’re something you might find on Not Not Fun or Magical Garage Taste with their lo-fi, 8-bit take on techno and drone. Lost Trail’s set of tracks are hellish in the first half and relatively serene in the second half with heavy emphasis on the white noise that encapsulates the soaring New Age-esque synthesizers. Leaaves’ tracks are probably, if I had to pick one, my close, yet second, favorite off of Outdoor Games with Wagner’s unsettling take on drone and ambient music. Linden Pomeroy’s tracks are probably my favorite on here, strongly reminding me of Windy & Carl’s take on drone and, to an extent, Labradford’s. Overall, this is not a bad way to spend six bucks and some change. Listen to Outdoor Games below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

On-shell printed light blue C90 comes with 4 GPS coordinate cards that can lead you to the 'secret tapes': one-off one-minute tapeloops by Plains Druid, Lost Trail, Leaaves and Linden Pomeroy.

"Outdoor Games is a special four way split C-90 curated by Linden Pomeroy with Nicholas Langley of Third Kind Records in limited edition of 50.

Plains Druid & Lost Trail take the A Side, Chicago-based Plains Druid's own brand of hypnotic drone and astral trap set the tone, elevating the listener with mind warping sounds and beats that morph and shift like tectonic plates. Recently split and relocated to Memphis, Lost Trail have contributed some of their final work for Outdoor Games, their dark and beautiful disembodied Americana now fully realised. Spools of tape decay seep through walls of guitar noise, a perfect cacophony for our imminent demise.

Leaaves & Linden Pomeroy take side B, Leaaves is Nate Wagner, North-Carolina-based artist who blends digital manipulations, field recordings and synthesizers into gorgeous textures and sonic lullabys, both airy and pastoral. English drone guitarist Linden Pomeroy sends notes through chambers of delays until the initial signal is lost in a wash of sound - this opens up into a more inward minimal composition and then drifts away in it's own melancholia.

That's not all, the Third Kind Records cassette comes with 4 GPS codes - each artist has a one-off minute long tape loop hidden at these specific locations. Thank you for playing Outdoor Games"

Price $6.67

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