RIYL: analog experimentation

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

With the Japanese name and the nauseating neon colors, you might have jumped straight to classifying this as another addition to the annals of vaporwave… you’d be right… perhaps in an abstract sense. This has more in common with minimal techno in the style of extremely early Basic Channel. Aqueous Ammonia is an album to play while you soak in the backyard pool laden with blue micro-tiles after a hard day at the office, or outside roofing in a well to-do gated neighborhood. Ideally, this begins literally right after the horizon hides the gargantuan star from your gaze. Any song on Aqueous Ammonia, especially the tracks “#185,” “189” and “#190,” could possibly be a place holder for the credits to Ghost in the Shell, Serial Experiments Lain, Perfect Blue or possibly even Silicon Valley. Mukai walked in to a room, jabbed right in to a mess of wires connected to an analog synthesizer, and then proceeded to plug & play – at least that’s how I’d like to envision his creative process. Listen to Aqueous Ammonia via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released May 24, 2016

Cover art by Joseph Kielthy

Since 2014, the addictive, idiosyncratic minimal techno of Osaka's Takahiro Mukai has emerged via a steady flow of cassettes on various labels. With sequential numbering of tracks across releases, each tape seems like a bulletin in an ongoing experimental process. Each track consists of elemental synths carefully balanced against each other to form immaculate prismatic structures.

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