RIYL: Do Make Say Think, Tortoise, Mojave 3

Label: Cruel Nature Records

The streets have calmed down outside for the moment, so let’s welcome the week with something somewhat calming. Get It Up Yers Trio is quite a combative sounding title, but what’s contained on the tape is anything but. Apparently each of these are recorded in one take, and if this is what happens after only one take, they should be churning out tapes more often. You get to hear soothing, sun-kissed post-rock that’ll make you want to hit up the nearest beach and lay down belly up to the gigantic star in the sky – no umbrella. After you lie on the beach a while,  you’ll feel the water begin to drift away from you and instead of hearing the water rush to the shore and recede ad nauseam and seeing swimsuit clad men and women, you’ll hear the caws of vultures and the green skin of Saguaros. Perhaps you’re succumbing to a heat stroke, or this is the way things are meant to be. Go with the latter. Listen to Get It Up Yers Trio below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

A sunny Spring day in 2016, we arrived at a studio without a plan. Buoyed by a huge picture on the wall of the popular singer and goddess Shania Twain, we ecstatically farted out several 'no rules' tunes, recorded quickly and in single takes. Outside, a cat lying in the sun peered through the window, occasionally mouthing profanities at us, such as "The fuck you up to in there, lads" and "What the fuck is this horseshit, sounds like death."
released November 4, 2016

Sun Skeletons Get It Up Yers Trio is: Crinkil on sax, Krang on shahi baaja and The Breadman on guitar.

Price $6.25

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