RIYL: Natural Snow Buildings

Label: ((Cave)) Recordings

At the time of this writing, only two copies remain of the brooding RES/URU/SER and after this, I’m going to assume that they won’t last for much longer – especially since it’s only $5 for a copy. I checked the ((Cave)) Recordings website as well and it appears they’re out of copies as well. Silent Isle’s a new name to me, admittedly, but consider me intrigued. RES/URU/SER is a palindrome, and as Anastasia Clarke (I assume it’s her…) specifies, it’s a combination of the words “resurrection” and “user.” This is a love letter to the cyclical nature that we’re doomed to participate in. You pour your heart (or as Clarke puts it, “funnel your lifeblood”) in to the erection of something good, and at the same time you fight against unexpected obstacles (“unseen forces”) that cause you lovely inconveniences along the way. This particular EP (album?) is for those who love the heaviest, and most hellish, of drone infused with melancholic psychedelia – think Natural Snow Buildings. Listen to RES/URU/SER below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Single strains stretched out over long expanses. Songs of adaptation and rebuilding.

“RES/URU/SER makes a palindrome out of the words 'resurrection' and 'user'. These are songs about attempting to erect or resurrect a good thing by funneling your lifeblood into it, while at the same time experiencing that energy being sucked back by unexpected or unforeseen forces—and the subsequent enaction of the survival instinct, the fight or flight response, and the ability to turn the situation around. The performance of the music is a process of allowing and opposing forces, blurring between feelings of within and without, developing an eager willingness to kiss hello the rolling changes.”
released September 29, 2015

Anastasia Clarke - voice, guitar
Russ Alderson - bass, electronics
Sandy Gordon - drums, percussion

Songs by Anastasia Clarke

Recorded October 2013 by Dave Flaherty in Brooklyn, NY

Album art based on illustrations by Leonard Weisgard
Layout by Rob for ((Cave)) Recordings

Additional copies of C-36 audiocassette may be available from ((Cave)) Recordings

Price $5

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