RIYL: space

Label: Cruel Nature Records

Slump might make you slump over in your chair and go to dreamland without you realizing it, but you’ll be among the stars once you’re taken there. Score’s… score (can it be helped?) seeks to augment your reality with white noise that seemingly spawns from the cosmos. As the tracks drone on, Score introduces countless samples in to the mix that often make mincemeat look like a savory porterhouse thus making it all the more difficult to track where the sources come from; you’ll hear classical instruments, vocoded voices, and… frankly, I’m not sure. I suppose this is for the best though, as it makes Slump all the more alien in its aesthetic. Slump‘s cursive text juxtaposed with its distorted artwork sufficiently betrays the listener. Upon first glance, I’d assume this was avant-garde classical but you get this aural homunculus instead. Pushing itself a bit under an hour, you’re getting quite a deal on top of the profound sampler. Listen to Slump below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

High quality black C60 cassette with pro-printed double-sided inlay

Limited to 40 copies world-wide

Catalogue No: CN061

Price $6.56

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