RIYL: The concept of an abyss

Label: I Hate My Records

I wrote about a release involving RVNES last year, a collaboration he did with Mass. I described it as unsettling, disturbing… scary. MORE BITES is RVNES flexing his nihilistic guns once more, along with flashing his sharp teeth to take “more bites” out of your soul. As you listen to MORE BITES, you may ask yourself something along the lines of “what on God’s green earth am I listening to?” as I, too, am asking myself this. At first, this can be… infuriating? Grating on the ears? You could say this borders on unlistenable, much less being defined as music but I know this as drone… just a really bastardized version of it drug out of hell, with its heels digging in to the very ground it’s being scraped against. Call this art… call this RVNES testing your mettle. This is an endurance test, either way. This is darkness. You can practically envision the anthracite-colored sludge pouring out of his amps. Listen/observe MORE BITES below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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