RIYL: electronic black metal, noise

Label: Cruel Nature Records

A sepia tone photograph of a bleak unending sea with a storm brewing? White gothic lettering? Pitch black cassette? Looks like we got a black metal album on our hands, or electronic black metal at least. Forgotten Shorelines places you in the bottom-most level of a cruise ship after you got forced off deck due to a nasty storm. From the start of the album, with “Rat’s Cradle,” the sonic rain just pelts your senses and you start to forget whatever you were happy or unhappy with as your eyes get flooded. As the album plays on, an unrelenting bass broods and howls beneath the seedy fuzz. It sounds as if a tornado’s going to howl in to existence and just blow you away. You’re just along for the ride, and you hope the ship you’re on ends up on land instead of the bottom of the abyss. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Forgotten Shorelines below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Pro-produced black C40 cassette with gatefold inlay

Limited to 30 copies world-wide

Catalogue No: CN074

Price $6.26

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