RIYL: shadow people

Label: Pawlacz Perski

At this point, if you’ve been keeping up with my wonderfully written pieces (or if you’re just hip enough that you’ve been keeping up with Polish label Pawlacz Perski for much longer than I’ve been writing up their stuff), Pawlacz Perski and the word “strange” should go hand in hand. Luty is a lingering noise experiment with chimes and strings ebbing and flowing out of your consciousness and it’s more or less the same story for about fifty minutes. Luty can be likened to that vortex behind the rather austere prairie girls (who I’ll assume are also Polish for context’s sake), or the shadow people that methheads are reported to see in the corners of their eyes whilst using. Luty is, more or less, a journey in to the unknown accompanied by a stormfront rolling in from the horizon in your visage – you’re effectively leaving those vivacious flowers behind when you press play on this. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Luty below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"Luty" (EN: "February")are two twenty-minute improvisation pieces based on modular synthesizer and sounds of guitar, percussion instruments & objects. Bartek Kalinka and Wojciech KwapisiƄski offer us music full of subtle detuning and ephemeral auditory events, oscillating slowly between fading away and exertion.

Music: Bartek Kalinka, Wojciech KwapisiƄski
Graphic: Gosia SƂomska
released September 4, 2014

Price $5.56

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