RIYL: spaceship idleing

Label: Gamma Mine

The year is 20XX. The last thing you remember before opening your eyes to being at the helm of a spaceship’s console was skiing on a substance resembling China white, like the cassette. The time skip? You don’t know how that happened either, but you just know you’ve taken a hop, skip and a jump in to the future. You feel out of place but powerless to do anything. You’re but a mere spectator on a grand scale and a (relatively speaking) microscopic scale. You’re just along for the ride, looking at the blips and shining dots in the ever-expanding sea of darkness. You look down on your crew, not figuratively of course because you’ve magically arrived in a post-scarce society and equality has been achieved, and they’re just hammering away on keys to devices spitting out data in characters you’ve never gazed upon before. You find yourself wanting to close your eyes and slump back in to the darkness as you float through the near-nothingness. DRNH is the spaceship you can be a passive captain of, if only for a moment. Listen to DRNH below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released December 9, 2016

All signals by Dave Burraston.
Designed and mastered by Finlay Shakespeare.

Price $8.53

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