RIYL: Brillo pads

Label: Haunter Records

Noumeno’s The Phantom would fit right in with some Godforsaken city remains that have enough fallout to make split-second contact enough to turn your skin green. It’s as if Noumeno took everything he recorded and scraped away at the contents with a Brillo pad until they were almost dust. The Phantom is an apparition that writhes in pain and of course, is a great tape to welcome the spring with. “Shapes / Shades,” in its very beginning stages gives off the impression of a Godspeed You! Black Emperor track, and then what sounds like heavily filtered djent (feel free to look that up if you’re not familiar with the term) riffs start swirling in the vortex. As the track plays on, it devolves in to mortality as all the elements struggle to overpower each other. The last track, “Phantom! (WSR Re-cycle),” is worthy of being in a horror film with its droning string ensemble at a fever pitch in the foreground of nebulous rumblings. Listen to The Phantom below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Through the eyes of Stefano K. ​Testa AKA Noumeno, anxiety shows its fractal nature, its ever-revealing DNA of contradictory micro-emotions, body stimuli and thoughts. Music is his way of processing and exposing this hypercomplexity, crudely exposing the feeling of being haunted by uncertainty and finite knowledge. Assembling piles of granular noisy harmonics as fuel for a rhythmicality on the verge of digital chaos, he uses sporadic bits of muffled melodies as a realistic revisiting of human horror. His gothic roots are turned into futuristic neuroses by bits of decomposed grime, industrial-like heaviness and saturated bass. Recorded through the course of several months in Berlin and Milan, it is Testa’s first ever release, also hosting a densely droning rework by Contort alumnus WSR.

OUT JANUARY 29, 2016
released January 29, 2016

Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Stefano K. Testa. Additional sampling on A2 by Francesco Gagliardi. Additional production and remix on B2 by Emanuele Porcinai. Thanks to Ekki Schädel, Max Hoppenstedt, Lukas Grundmann for providing the machines used on B1 and A3. Mastered by Antonio Gallucci.

Limited edition of 100 tapes + insert, packed in chrome ziploc wraps.

Price $8.8

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