RIYL: wall noise

Label: Auditory Field Theory

This is something I’m going to recommend headphones for, but if you’ve got a boombox or a tape deck hooked up to a sound system, power to you. Spanish artist Miguel A. García & Quebecois artist Anne-f Jacques join forces to create what sounds like wall noise. It’s loosely laced static that lingers in the background as you go about your reading, or as you’re on the old grind on the computer (perhaps). Wonderclout doesn’t appear to have a true tracklisting, but more of a demarcation of the “parts” of the tape. García specializes in electro-acoustic improvisation, while Jacques specializes in sound collages consisting of what she’s mainly interested in – “the amplification of smaller objects, electricity, scratching and rotating objects.” Auditory Field Theory eloquently describes this tape as “a metapsychosis of lush experimental tapestry.” Something to have on so you can question whether you’re hearing things or not. Listen to an excerpt of Wonderclout below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

2015 . AFT012 . 50M . PRO-DUBBED

Wonderclout is the first collaboration between Miguel A. Garcia and Anne-F Jacques, recorded during an improvisation session at Club Le Larraskito, Bilbao in November 2013.

Miguel A. Garcia is a Spanish sound artist whose primary focus is composition and electro-acoustic improvisation. He has a breadth of solo and collaborative work and is part of the free improvisation movement, appearing at festivals throughout Europe and the United States.

Montreal's Anne-F Jacques is interested in the amplification of smaller objects, electricity, scratching and rotating devices. Her ethereal sound collages have anchored numerous art installations and she routinely produces soundtracks for the animated films of Julie Doucet.

In this effort, Wonderclout traverses a sonic plateau of discourse and aural asymmetries — a metapsychosis of lush experimental tapestry.

Encased in a mustard yellow shell, the edition includes a full color, 2 sided j-card insert housed in a clear plastic Norelco case. The cassette also includes immediate access to the digital version, which is available for download in numerous lossless audio formats.

Price $7

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