RIYL: a bubbling vat of tar

Label: Always Human Tapes

From the cover, a head adorned with space hair and a pink hat with a cat’s face, you’d assume this was a twee cassette or something garage rock related. However, it’s not so simple since Always Human Tapes is involved in the picture. LXST SIGNVL is like a cauldron you happen upon while traipsing about in the woods next to your house. The fire pit it’s over is still roaring and the comically large mixing spoon is sticking out, and there’s a black viscous substance bubbling slowly. With the way the substance ripples and folds around the shaft of the spoon, you wonder how anybody was able to move it to begin with. When a bubble bursts, a puff of smoke rises and it just smells somewhere between paint thinner and gasoline. LXST SIGNVL throws its weight around without a second thought and if you’re feeling tired, you’ll be jolted awake with its disjointed, hearty bass timbres. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of LXST SIGNVL below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Stalwart Minneapolis DJ Xanja has long showed a blatant disregard for genre, and it shows. His debut cassette as LXST SIGNVL delivers gnarled acid experiments and mangled bass tracks, framed around the clanging, colossal trip that is"Burn."
released March 10, 2017

Price $7

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