RIYL: Rock Math


Limited to 100 Hand-Painted Cassettes
*Painted by the band!

Self-titled debut album by LOS PADRES: 7 tracks of intense sonic experimentation, violent riffs and merciless loops. A journey through which the creation and destruction of sounds compete for dominance and where repetition becomes the primary compositional tool.

Los Padres is a record born from the need to break the boundaries of the traditional song-forms to see what lies beyond. It’s the result of a year spent sweating in a rehearsal room by two musicians who decided to challenge themselves and try to create something different.

Recorded live for the most part at The Park Studios in Wembley, it faithfully represents the energy and urgency displayed by the band during their live performances.

The Details

Recorded by Los Padres and mixed by Tobin Jones at The Park Studios, Wembley.
Mastered by Noel Summerville at 3345 Studio, London

Alessandro La Barbera (guitars, vocals, loops and noises)
Alberto Voglino (drums, vocals and samples)

Guest musicians:
Rocco Brunori (trumpet on track 4)
Bobby Good (spoken words on track 6)

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