RIYL: Dean Blunt, Hype Williams, Inga Copeland

Label: 5 G8 Temple

“Ominous” could be used to describe the theme of most of the¬†releases I’ve written up this week and John T. Gast’s¬†Inna Babylon¬†is a continuation of said theme. If you do a search for John T. Gast on Google, you’ll find that there’s next to nothing about him/her – Google places a picture of Terre Thaemlitz for his/her profile picture. John T. Gast is heavily embedded in the idea of Hype Williams, and frankly I’m not even sure Gast is a separate entity as much as it is another pseudonym for Inga Copeland/Dean Blunt (either person going at it alone, or jointly). To add more intrigue, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland aren’t their real names either. Other than “ominous,” I can only describe this as something befitting the Hype Williams canon (if you will).

As a side note, John T. Gast’s Excerpts¬†(which also could be considered, surprise surprise, ominous), released on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu,¬†happens to be one of the records that piqued my interest last year so check that out if you haven’t. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of¬†Inna Babylon below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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