RIYL: beat music with a bite


Entry Level isn’t for the plebs. This is one of a handful of releases due out this year that have piqued my ears. Just like the cover illustrates, the contents on here are fractured. Entry Level has Jjakub doling out beat music, and then he sprinkles in elements of dubstep, future garage, and jungle for an extra bite. Unfortunately, we’re only getting to hear four tracks from the cassette at the moment but it’s left enough of an impression on me to pre-order it. When you open the page, SEAGRAVE has “Women Who Run With Wolves” set to be the first track that you hear. From the jump, it stutters and staggers to the middle of your consciousness and gains strength (I’ll emphasize in the bass section) as it chugs along. As it closes out its all too-short runtime, it spirals out of control and in to an echoing synthetic twinkle. It’s [adult swim] bump material, and I extend this compliment to the rest of the tracks I can hear. Listen to the preview for Entry Level below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Cliplimit by Jjakub and Doris, Cyprus by Jjakub and Saffo. All other songs by Jjakub.

Mastered by David Steine

Thanks to Doris G, Marty T, Juliana H, Dyl M, Rory M, Jeremiah C, Gel P, Grey People, Gobby & Søren K.

Art by Graeme Swinton

releases March 18, 2017

Price $9.81

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