Famey is a sound collage made by James Kochalka around 1991 that is made entirely of samples of other songs, kind of like Girl Talk but predating it by a couple decades.

Limited to 100 Copies
B-Side is the entire famey album played in reverse


The Details

RELEASED: December 11th, 2015
PRESSED: 100 Tapes
01. Famey
02. Dear John
03. Atomic Panty Raid
04. Yemaf
05. Nhoj Raed
06. Diar Ytnap Cimota
Artwork by James Kochalka
B-Side is the entire famey album played in reverse.
This is the shortest release we will probably ever do here at Related Records but we do feel that is a wonderful work of pre-digital sound art.

Price $4

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