RIYL: nihilism

Label: Grey Matter Productions

Grey Matter Productions‘ hermit embraces death and the absence of being wholeheartedly. hermit calls him/herself “nobody.” Clearly, who s/he is doesn’t matter as much as what this music is meant to tap in to. When you die, this is what you’ll hear according to hermit. Perhaps I’m being too presumptuous, but hermit doesn’t come off to me as the type who believes in an afterlife. Of course, someone as nihilistic as this wouldn’t want one; a nihilist typically views death as the ultimate form of freedom. Alone All The Way is extremely far from pleasant to listen to, and seems to be there for when you really want to feel alone. Alone All The Way is the soundtrack to a torture chamber – despair saturates this preview to what hell is like. The acidic atmospherics persist until its bitter end reminding you you’re “alone all the way.” Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Alone All The Way below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The sounds here represent the depths of your subconscious and what you don't know that you know. They represent all of the untapped potential that any one person can reach. Ultimately, these sounds represent death, both physically and mentally. When you're clinging to life, and your ego finally dies, you will hear this album.
released March 17, 2016

hermit is no one

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