RIYL: art

Label: Spring Break Tapes

Releases such as Rose are why I continue to look for new music and write about these things for Sly Vinyl, in the hopes that you can enjoy as well. Head Dress’ Rose is a reduction, if you will. He takes the alluring, yet painful, flower and plucks the petals one by one – at least, this is the impression I get from the lone single available for our listening purposes, “Black Cherry.” The man behind Head Dress is one Ted James Butler, who also heads a cassette podcast by the name of Norelco Mori. Butler’s clocked in twelve releases in less than two years, according to Spring Break Tapes, and Butler shows “no signs of slowing his prolific progress.” “Black Cherry” stomps proudly with its minimal percussion amidst a rumbling bass drone, thus buttressing the adage “less is more.” Listen to “Black Cherry” below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

With twelve releases in less than two years and no signs of slowing his prolific progress, Head Dress forges on with Rose, using modular synths to generate complex rhythms and unique pattern variations. The man behind the project is one Ted James Butler who you may recognize from his well established cassette podcast, Norelco Mori.

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