RIYL: Oneohtrix Point Never

Label: Always Human Tapes

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day (if that’s your thing, or if your country even cares about it)! I kind of know this as a day where many will claim Irish heritage similar to those times in elementary school when everyone would claim they were “x” amount of Cherokee, so they can have an excuse to hit the Guinness or whatever liquor/beer is on hand. Some will march forward, however, with no need for justification. The color green will usually be adorned on these participants, if you will. Funny, isn’t it? Green is often used to signify cleanliness, but the end result of too much booze ends up with an opposite result. Gunk, while ladened with many jairs of green gel, isn’t the cleanest of the bunch. On this forty minute quest through the realm of cleaning products, this chaotic production is caked with smoke and dust. There aren’t any track dividers, so if you’re the type to finish what you start in one sitting be prepared for a commitment. Listen to the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of Gunk. Cheers!

The Details

Gunk is Sunk and Bert Gan
released December 18, 2014

Price $7

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