RIYL: Dissonance entwined with despair

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

It seems like dark and foreboding music might be my gimmick here at SlyVinyl. At this point, I may have typecast myself and forever alienated many of you from checking out what I write about but some of you stick around. Gavin Prior’s Clusters aren’t consisting of pecans, syrup and almonds – think more like shards of glass, rusty nails and ghost chili sauce serving as the binder. Clusters is what you might hear upon waking from a fever dream in a dark room all alone, with so much sweat pouring out of your pores you might as well have just gotten out of the menthol-saturated sauna at a Lifetime Fitness. Clusters is the throbbing pain from a migraine – it’s just pure misery. Each track bears the kanji for ichi, ni, san, shi, and go. Speaking of “go,” the last track, you might want to “go” rest in silence once this is over. Perhaps take a nice ice bath to bring down that fever. Listen to Clusters below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released May 24, 2016

Gavin Prior: DL4, Feedback Loops, Melodica, Oscillators, Roland HP 237E
Thanks to Austin & Darina Prior

Gavin Prior is a member of Primal Barber Trio and a veteran of Toymonger and United Bible Studies. Clusters arrives in the wake of his guitar and field recording-based CD All Who Wander (Cambrian Records / Deserted Village) but is very different, a rigorously focused work recalling Xenakis and Radigue.

"These compositions began as improvisations on an everyday digital piano with a few standard voices including organ and harpsichord. The pieces were recorded using a loop pedal and editing to stack clusters upon clusters, creating textures and layers of dissonance which would have been impossible to have performed live.
These pieces are an attempt to create unsettling soundscapes using 'musical' rather than 'noise' material. Loop pedals are usually used for metric rather than textured musics and can become a crutch. This music grew from a desire to exploit other possibilities for live looping."
tags: electronic rock avant-garde celtic rock drone experiemental keyboard organ Ireland

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