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Label: sofiarecords

I know this isn’t a political blog, much less one qualified to comment on current events, but I feel this is too momentous to not bring up. Today the United Kingdom voted on a referendum to exit the EU, otherwise known as the “Brexit.” As we speak, the British pound is dropping in value. At press time, it’s trading at about a pound per $1.37 US. So if you want some once more costly British goods, records among other things, I think now’s the time to start buying.

Anyhow… Irish label sofiarecords, has come out with a hazy, sorrowful, psychedelic folk record. Hex Songs, of course, also has plenty to do with tarot cards and witchcraft. Each cassette comes with its own I-Ching fortune, handwritten by the woman behind Fuzzy Hell. Hex Songs is for those who want to relive balmy summer nights and wax nostalgic. Natalia, from sofiarecords, can attest to this to an extent. Listen to Hex Songs below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"When I was 12 years old I used to spend my evenings stretched out on the floor of my bedroom with the radio tuned to sweet sad songs, arranging lopsided patterns out of Tarot Cards and concocting up dreamy futures from the stories that the cards told. The first time I listened to "Hex Songs", I floated right back to those quixotic nights." - Natalia, Sofia Records

This is the third release by the elusive Fuzzy Hell, a secretive creature that dwells on the shores of a lake somewhere in the middle of Ireland.

"So all songs were all recorded by Helge Wehder in Athlone. Except Hex 30 and Hex 28, which I recorded on the Zoom. Plus "I prevailed", which Charles Smith recorded." - Fuzzy Hell

Artwork by Katie Barrier.

"I’m not sure of the identity of the woman who travels under the name of Fuzzy Hell, nor of where she parks her guitar: the information which I can pick up suggests Long Island beginnings but a possible self-chosen, on/off exile in rural Ireland. All I can go on are the songs, which are wonderful. Sharply observant, witty, detached and sometimes sad; their spare, precise fingerpicking seasoned with sonic reversals, sound-aura or tape warble, their tone lies somewhere between Liz Phair and Dorothy Parker, dipping into classical legend, contemporary barlife and timeless personal complications with an equal and universal aplomb and without floundering self-indulgence. The kind of bird-bright-eyed songwriter whom you’d yearn to meet, but would be terrified of making a fool of yourself in front of. " - Dann Chinn, Misfit City
released June 10, 2016

Price $7.78

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